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criEiFiFiEJiE&soirsr city, :m:o. 

1871 &c 1872. 






Gov. B. GRATZ BROWN Jefferson City ; 


Rev. MOSES DICKSON Kansas City ; 


Col. F. A. SEELY St. Louis ; 


Hon. A. KREKEL Jefferson City ; 

HOWARD BARNES Jefferson City; 

GEO. A. SEYMOUR Jefferson City; 

Hon. JOHN MONTEITH, State Sup't Pub. ScIiooIs.Jeff. City ; 

Rev. WM. P. BROOKS .St. Louis ; 

Dr. ? ADAMS PEABODY Jefferson City; 

Dr. WILLIAM A. CURRY Jefferson City. 

honorary member, 
Col. DAVID BRANSON Philadelphia. 

Prof, M. HENRY SMITH, Secretary, 






First Assistant. 

*WM. H. MILLER, A. B., 

Second Assistant,, 






Banner, Alice Jefferson City. 

Brown, Nancy Ella St. Louis. 

Hildrege, Ella ■ Warrensburg. 

Hildrege, Hattie Warrensburg, 

Ramsey, Emma .Jefferson City, 

Smith, Clara Ellen Warrensburg, 

Chinn, Alexander Glasgow. 

Eppright, Wallace Warrensburg. 

Freeman, Barney Springfield, 

Foster, Festus Jefferson City. 

Jeffries, John Columbia > 

Jones, William St. Joseph, 

Jones, Leonidas Jefferson City 

Prior, Paul T Jefferson City.. 

Pope, James Lone Elm. 

Rutledge, James Caledonia. 

Tompkins, James Jefferson City, 

Wood, Riceler : .Macon City, 

Woodson, John H. Clarksyiile. 

Work, George Hillsboro, 111, 

Females t 6 

Males 14 

Total. .". 20 


Adams, Eva Kansas City. 

Anderson, Julia Sedalia. 

Allen, Mary Cole county. 

Boyd, Jennie Springfield- 
Bird, Louisa Kansas City. 

Branham, Susan Jefferson City. 

Boyd, America Jefferson City. 

Berry, Ella Jefferson City. 

Burrows, Mollie Jefferson City. 

Brown, Eliza Pisgah. 

Brown, Mary Springfield. 

Berry, Ellen Kansas City. 

Brooks, Laura Kansas City. 

Brown, Mary Jane St. Louis. 

Cooper, Kittie Otterville. 

Carr, Nettie Cedar City. 

Cavel, Sallie Jefferson City. 

Cavel,' Harriet Jefferson City. 

Carter, Lou Jefferson City. 

Carter, Eliza Jefferson City. 

Carr, Millie Warrensburg. 

Carter, Mary Cole county. 

Collins, Sallie Cole county. 

Dixon, Mary T Jefferson City. 

^Douglass, Nellie Jefferson City. 

Dixon, Susan Jefferson City, 

Drake, Ida Jefferson City. 

Dunkins, Amanda Jefferson City. 

Edwards, Alice Jefferson City. 

Elliott, Annie Jefferson City. 

Ferguson, Mattie Jefferson City, 

Fields, Josie Warrensburg. 

Fowler, Eliza Cole county. 

Green, Frances Jefferson City. 

Green, Sallie Jefferson City. 

Griffin, Fannie Jefferson City. 

Huston, Florence Jefferson City. 

Howard, Luie Warrensburg. 

Isaacs, Margaret Warrensburg* 



Isaacs, Sarah Warrensburg* 

Jackson, Carrie Jefferson City. 

Jordan, Annie M Jefferson City. 

Johnson, Finetta Jefferson City. 

Lane, Katie Jefferson City. 

Lane, Bettie Jefferson City. 

Lewis, Lucinda Jefferson City. 

Lewis, Missouri Jefferson City. 

Love, Delania Springfield. 

Mock, Mary B Jefferson City. 

Morgan, Mary Jefferson City. 

Morgan, Jane Jefferson City. 

Moore, Winnie Jefferson City- 
Mock, Mittie Jefferson City. 

McDonald, Eliza. St. Louis. 

Mack, Sallie Jefferson City. 

McNiece, Nellie Jefferson City. 

Naylor, Julia Cole county. 

Oliver, Fannie Holden. 

Parks, Remanda St. Joseph. 

Prior, Nora Jefferson City. 

Prior, Jane Jefferson City. 

Prince, Rachael Jefferson City. 

Price, Amanda Cole county. 

Price, Jane Jefferson City. 

Rice, Mattie Kansas City. 

Russell, Lucy Jefferson City. 

Ramsey, Anna Cedar City. 

Ross, Emma Kansas City. 

Scott, Fannie Jefferson City. 

Sheffield, Mary Jefferson City. 

Shaw, Lizzie Jefferson City. 

Simmons, Diana Jefferson City. 

Simmons, Jane Jefferson City. 

Simmons, Katie Jefferson City. 

Salters, Wintie St. Louis. 

Scruggs, Eliza Cole county. 

Smith, Alice Lottie Warrensburg. 

Smith, Sallie Jefferson City. 

Stewart, Nancy St. Louis. 

Tompkins, Ludie Cole county. 

Trammel, Susan Cole county. 

Talbot, Lucy Jefferson City. 

Webb, Mary Ann Miller county. 


Wynn, Rebecca Jefferson City. 

* Woods, Hannah Glasgow. 

Wilkerson, Mary Jefferson City. 

Wilkerson, Lydia Cole county. 

Ward, Sarah Ann Jefferson City. 

Wood, Lizzie Warrensburg. 

Williams, Emma.* St. Joseph. 

Winston, Sallie -.Cole county. 

Winworth, Rena Jefferson City. 

Ward, Hattie Jefferson City. 

Wilkes, Lizzie Springfield. 

Warren, Pauline Ellston Station. 

Alexander, Charles Jefferson City. 

Allen, Polk Kansas City- 
Adams, George Cole county. 

Brethrick, William Warrensburg. 

Banks, Henry ..Jefferson City. 

Britt, James Jefferson City. 

Berry, B. Simon Jefferson City. 

Barnes, John Jefferson City. 

Bryant, Tucker.. Warrensburg. 

Cox, Van Riley Atchison, Kansas. 

Carr, Charles. Mt. Vernon, Ind. 

Chappell, John D Cole county. 

Cavel, Littleton Jefferson City. 

Crockett, Charles Cole county. 

Clark, John .Troy. 

Chappell, Smith Jefferson City. 

Collins, John Jefferson City. 

Coleman, William I Kansas City. 

Carr, Henry Jefferson City. 

Davis, Jacob M Warrensburg. 

Davis, William R ..^....Springfield. 

Davy, Thomson Longwood. 

Drake, David... Jefferson City. 

Dixon, Wallace.... Sedalia. 

Ellis, Abram Jefferson City. 

Frost, Stephen S Springfield. 

Foster, Richard Jefferson City. 

Foster, Frank Jefferson City. 

Fowler, Coleman.. Jefferson City. 

* Freeman, Thomas Cole county. 

Garnett, Benjamin Carthage. 



Gooden, Allen , Charleston. 

Holmes, Benjamin Springfield, 111. 

Hickman, William Jefferson City. 

Hickman, Frederick Jefferson City. 

Hines, Henry Cole county. 

Hunter, Clark .....Jefferson City. 

Holmes, Alexander Longwood. 

Hagood, Lewis M Lexington. 

Jones, Albert Jefferson City. 

Jefferson, William Jefferson City. 

Jackson, Henry Kansas City. 

Jones, William Cedar City. 

Jackson, Lewis Kansas City. 

Jones, Richard Florence, Ala. 

Jenkins, William '. Warrensburg. 

Kelly, Robert Jefferson City. 

King, Abram Jefferson City. 

Loving, Robert St. Joseph. 

Logan, Dixon New Bloomfield. 

Lamb, Lewis Lexington. 

Lewis, John Omaha, Neb. 

Lyndsay, Henry Springfield. 

Longdon, Reuben H Jefferson City. 

Lair, Peter Springfield. 

Lewis, James Iron county. 

McAdams, Henry Sjoringfield. 

Murray, John .Warrensburg. 

Marshall, Cornelius S St. Charles. 

Metters, John Cole county. 

McKreken, Newton Springfield. 

McReary, Simon.... Springfield. 

Nichols, George H Glasgow. 

Overton, Smith Cole county. 

Parks, Andrew J .Jefferson City. 

Parks, Matthew S St. Joseph. 

Pope, Willie Lone Elm. 

Pope, Gilbert *. Lone Elm. 

Price, Peter Jefferson City. 

Pace, Martin Cole county. 

Prince, James « Jefferson Cit} r . 

Robinson, Amos Kansas City. 

Russell, Alfred Jefferson City. 

Ransom, Benjamin Sedalia. 

Sutton, Israel St. Louis. 


Smith, Milton Leavenworth, Kan. 

Scruggs, Willis Cole county. 

Scruggs, Morris Cole county. 

Starr, Jacob Atchison, Kan. 

Stokes, Kobert St. Louis. 

Tarleton, Keuben Jefferson . 

Vaughn, Clay Paris. 

Williams, Preston Jefferson City. 

Wynn, Geo. P Jefferson City. 

Wright, Prince , Jefferson City. 

Williams, Harvey. Cole county. 

Wilkinson, Richard Jefferson City. 

Wright, Newton Jefferson City. 

Walker, Oliver California. 

Watkins, Harvey Jefferson City. 

Ward, Aaron Jefferson City. 

Ward, Franklin Jefferson City. 

Ward, Henry Jefferson City. 

Wright, George Springfield, 111. 

Wynn, Taylor Jefferson City. 

Washington, Charles James Knob Noster. 

Webb, Isaac Cole county. 

Williams, Jordon Springfield. 

Wilson, Philip Linn. 

Williams, John Green Longwood. 

Yokem, David , Springfield. 

Females 95 

Males 101 

Total 196 

Normal Department 20 

Preparatory Department 196 

Total 216 

Forty-one of the youngest pupils residing in Jefferson 
City, owing to the crowded state of the rooms, early in the 
fall term, were sent to the pnblic schools, and consequently 
their names do not appear in the Catalogue, 


As yet, only a Preparatory Department, and a Normal 
Department, have been in operation. 

Other departments will be organized as soon as there is a 
demand for them. 

The Normal Department comprises a course of four years. 



Spelling, Reading, Phonics, Mental Arithmetic, Practical 
Arithmetic, Geography, Penmanship, Map Drawing, Vocal 
Culture, Elocution, Drawing, Vocal Music, Orthography and 


First Year. — Orthography, Reading, Phonics, Mental 
Arithmetic, Practical Arithmetic, Geography, English Gram- 
mar, United States History, Physical Geography, Map Draw- 
ing, Penmanship, Drawing, Vocal Culture, Elocution, Com- 
position and Vocal Music, and also a Weekly Drill in the Art 
and Practice of Teaching. The course of study for the second? 
third and fourth years has not yet been determined. 


A course of lectures will be given by Judge A, Krekel, on 
Civil Government, and also lectures by the Principal and 
other gentlemen, on the Theory and Art of Teaching, and 
various other subjects. 


There are devotional exercises every school day, which all 
the students are required to attend. There is a Sunday 
school, and also a Moral and Religious Lecture every Sunday 

There are two weekly prayer meetings in the Institute, one 
on Saturday evening, conducted by the Principal, and one on- 
Sunday evening conducted by the students. 



The Library consists of four or five hundred volumes. 
The students are permitted to draw books every week, subject 
to suitable rules and regulations. 


The Excelsior Society is designed for young men, and ad- 
mits any male student of suitable age and attainments. It 
holds regular meetings once in two weeks. 

The Star Society is designed for young ladies, and admits 
any young lady of proper age and attainments. Its meetings 
are held once in two weeks. 


All applicants must present satisfactory evidence of good 
moral character. Males must be at least sixteen years of age, 
and females at least fourteen years of age. However, persons 
under these ages may be admitted provided they have a 
knowledge of the fundamental rules of Arithmetic, can read 
in the Fourth Reader, write legibly, and possess some knowl- 
edge of Geography. Persons of whatever attainments, those 
that can not even read, provided they are over the ages speci- 
fied, may be admitted. 

Candidates for admission to the Normal Department must 
possess a good knowledge of Arithmetic as far as percentage, 
must be able to analyze and parse a simple sentence, and 
have a good knowledge of Geography. 


Students will be taught that all persons are under law; 
the divine law and the civil law ; and that their interests as stu- 
dents demand that they should comply with proper rules and 
regulations. While the government of the school will be 
kind and parental, it will be strict and just. Students will 
be required to observe proper hours for study, and they will 
not be allowed to waste their time infrunning about, or to ex- 
pose themselves to temptation in frequenting saloons or other 
improper places. It will be the aim of the teachers to lead 
the students to adopt right principles of action, to form right 
habits, and to do right at all times and in all places. 
The teachers will earnestly labor so to train the students that 
they will make noble men and women, so that when they 
go forth from this Institute they will be richly qualified for 



The books now in use are Sanders' Union Speller, Sanders? 
Union Readers, Felter's Arithmetic, Guyot's Geography, 
KerPs Grammar, Spencerian Copy Books, and Robinson's 

Any of these books can be bought in Jefferson City. 


Young ladies can be furnished with rooms in the Institute 
Building, and board at the Boarding Hall. The Boarding 
Hall is within two hundred feet of the Institute. A few 
young men can be furnished with rooms near the Institute. 
The rooms both for young ladies and young men will be fur- 
nished with stoves, tables, wash-stands, chairs, looking glasses, 
bedsteads and bedding. 

Young ladies who occupy rooms in the Institute, will be 
under the direct supervision of the teachers. 


An admission fee of $1 per term, $3 per year. This small 
charge is to help defray the expense of ink, pens, crayons, 
sweeping, cleaning, and fuel. 

Board in the Boarding Hall, including room, fuel and 
lights, $2 50 per week. 

Board in private families, including room, fuel and lights, 
from $2 to $3 50 per week. 

Washing from $2 to $3 per month, or from 75 cents to $1 
per dozen. 


The School Year consists of forty weeks, and is divided 
into three terms; the Fall Term, the Winter Term, and the 
Spring Term. The Fall Term begins on the first Monday of 
September, and continues sixteen weeks. The Winter Term 
begins on the first Monday of January, unless it is the first 
day of the year ; if so, it begins on the day following, and 
continues twelve weeks. The Spring Term begins on the first 
Monday of April, and continues twelve weeks. 

There is a vacation during the holidays of one or two 
weeks, a vacation of one week between the Winter Term and 
Spring Term, and a vacation of nine or ten weeks after the 
Spring Term. 



The idea of Lincoln Institute originated with the 62d regi- 
ment U. S. Colored Infantry, while in Texas, January, 1866. 
This regiment soon contributed $5,000 to carry out their idea. 
The soldiers of the 65th regiment afterwards added $1,379 to 
this sum. The only conditions made to these gifts were, that 
the school should be established in Missouri, and that it 
should be open to colored people. 

The Board of Trustees of Lincoln Institute .was organized 
in Jefferson City, June 25th, 1866, and consisted of ten mem- 
bers. The Board commenced with a fund of $6,000, which, in 
three months, was increased to $8,500. Of this amount, $2,000 
came from the Freedmen's Bureau, and was especially desig- 
nated to be used in building. 

The educational work of Lincoln Institute began at Jeffer- 
son City on the 17th of September, 1866, with two pupils in 
an old building with two rooms, each twenty-two feet square. 
The school filled up till it became crowded, and an assistant 
was needed. Mr. Festus Reed became assistant and taught 
five months during the year. Mr. R. B. Foster was Principal 
during this year and the succeeding one. 

The third year Lincoln Institute was taught by Mr. W. H. 
Payne, a graduate of Adrain College, Michigan, and his sister, 
Miss Fannie Payne. 

On the 19th of January, 1870, a convention of those inter- 
ested in the education of the colored people of this State was 
held in Jefferson City. The convention presented to the Gen- 
eral Assembly the draft of a bill to endow Lincoln Institute 
as a State Normal School for training colored teachers. The 
bill was passed by the Legislature without amendment, and 
Was approved by Gov. McClurg, February 14, 1870. An act 
supplementary and explanatory was approved March 16th. 
By these acts Lincoln Institute was constituted a State Nor- 
mal School for training colored teachers for public schools, 
yet not so as to destroy the articles of incorporation, or pre- 
vent other departments in the Institution. The sum of $5,000 
per year, payable in semi-annual installments, was appropri- 
ated from the State Treasury for said Normal School, when 
the trustees should certify that they held in trust for said 
school, buildings and grounds of a value not less than $15,000. 

At this time the Board had on hand $7,000. During the 
year, Messrs. Beal and Lane, agents of the Institute, raised 
$2,000. The Western Sanitary Commission gave $2,000, and 


the Freedmen's Bureau gave $6,000 in addition to the $2,000 
previously given ; thus increasing the value of the property 
of the Institute to $17,000. 

The Lincoln Institute Building was completed June, 1871, 
and during the past year has been occupied by the school. 
The building is a neat, substantial brick structure, sixty by 
seventy feet, three stories high, with basement ; constructed 
according to the most modern and approved plans, heated by 
furnaces, and supplied with flues in all the rooms, so as to 
meet contingencies in the derangement of the warming ap- 
paratus, with large halls and suitable recitation rooms con- 
nected with each. A frame building near the Institute is oc- 
cupied as a boarding house for the students. 

The following is the approximate value of the property of 
Lincoln Institute : 
Purchase money of 365 acres of land within two and 

a half miles of Jefferson City $5,500 

Purchase money of Institute lot — two acres 600 

Boarding house and lot — three acres 2,400 

Cost of Institute Building and other improvements 

and equipments 25,000 

Total $33,500 

3 0112 105814047